New Release


Jazon: An Omnes Videntes Novel

Determined to put his torturous thoughts and fantasies of a nonexistent female behind him, Jazon volunteers for a dangerous mission. He must discover and capture the scientist responsible for the creation of treacherous clones being used to threaten both the Imperial family and the peace of the Parvac Empire. Jazon’s mission takes him to the Laconian Sector where he discovers a beautiful Laconian scientist desperately seeking answers to her father’s death. As a genetically engineered hybrid soldier viewed in that sector of space as an abomination, he’ll have to earn her trust. However, the woman isn’t his only problem. Staying alive against mutated virus strains and a deadly assassin may be too much even for a telepathic warrior of Jazon’s skill.

2 thoughts on “New Release

    1. Hi Keri,
      I am working on Teagan’s next book and hope to have it completed by December! Thank you for reading! A friend of mine just created a group on Facebook called Omnes Videntes. She wants to add extra scenes for fans, so I spent the day writing one for her to share. We’d love it if you joined us.



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