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Wendigo Conjuring

Time doesn’t always heal all wounds. Sometimes, all they do is fester especially ones of the heart.

Rozene’s own heart has mended, and she’s found blissful happiness with Chief Sam Stillwater, a bear shifter, Colby Reeves, a cowboy turned werewolf, and Hunting Wolf, an ancient Wendigo warrior.

However, the four of them become embroiled in a former lover’s revenge against Holden, the alpha of a dangerous werewolf pack, and Sophia wants Rozene to suffer right along with him. They thwarted her attempts at revenge with the Chenoo which she unleashed against Silver Springs, but the ice giants are nothing compared to the evil she has planned, and now she has a powerful accomplice. Sophia has embraced the dark one, and he wants Rozene dead and the Wendigoag back under his control.

To save themselves and the lives of countless innocents, Rozene, the bear shifters, Wendigoag, and werewolves will have to do something far more difficult than fighting together. They’ll have to trust each other.

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Wendigo Uprising


In a post-apocalyptic setting, Wendigo Redemption is a western romance series that features shifters, curses, and ancient secrets.

Clue and the Tree Spirits


Don’t miss Clue Taylor, a sci-fi romance mystery series with paranormal elements and Japanese mythology. Or Death’s Providence, a novel based in Greek myth.

The Space Merchants of Arachne

Space Opera

The Space Merchants: a scif-fi romance, space opera series that continues in the spin-off Omnes Videntes Series featuring genetic engineering plus telepathic and empathic powers.