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Ensign Probus

Just when Princess Teagan and her husbands had decided to have no more secrets, lies, or prevarications between them, the Galaxic Government has other ideas, and it leaves some of them on opposite sides.

After being brought to the cusp of interstellar war, the Parvac Empire participates in a deadly race to uncover the source of technology far too advanced to have been created within the known galaxies. The discovery would put a government or criminal faction at a major militaristic advantage, and there are those who will kill whoever gets in the way along with anyone who might serve as a witness.

Ordered to discover the source of the alien technology, Ensign Probus and her team put the skills which they’ve learned at the Inquisitors Academy to use. Their search takes them from the Laconian Sector and across Galaxic space. However, they aren’t alone in their mission. It seems as though a subtle consciousness draws them forward, but is it an alien consciousness or the work of the Mad Ones?

Teagan’s husbands decide to facilitate her sense of power and personal self-worth by teaching her what they know and treating their beloved Imperial Princess like as much of an equal as they can, but not everyone has the same purpose. Captain Espanoza, Teagan’s former hero, does everything she can to undermine her newfound confidence and her efforts. However, if being the only daughter of the Emperor of the Parvac Empire has taught her anything, it’s how to stand up for herself. With innocent lives hanging in the balance, Teagan will put her considerable new knowledge to the test, and she won’t let anyone get in her way, not even one of the men she loves.

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Wendigo Uprising


In a post-apocalyptic setting, Wendigo Redemption is a western romance series that features shifters, curses, and ancient secrets.

Clue and the Tree Spirits


Don’t miss Clue Taylor, a sci-fi romance mystery series with paranormal elements and Japanese mythology. Or Death’s Providence, a novel based in Greek myth.

The Space Merchants of Arachne

Space Opera

The Space Merchants: a scif-fi romance, space opera series that continues in the spin-off Omnes Videntes Series featuring genetic engineering plus telepathic and empathic powers.