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Fear is weakness. Control is power.
He betrayed her parents, left her to be raised by a sadistic Earth Loyalist, had her abducted by his clones, and murdered one of her beloved husbands before her eyes. Now, he is trying to destroy the Parvac Empire from within. Many have tried and failed to capture the elusive Felix Jiri, but one man is determined to succeed.
The Inquisitors of the Parvac Empire deal in secrets, justice, and death. Feared for their ruthlessness and use of torture, they gather intelligence and punish lawbreakers, even if it means tracking an offender down across galaxies. Serving as judge, jury, and executioner, they must serve loyally without allowing their personal feelings to affect their judgement.
However, protecting Princess Teagan is personal, and Inquisitor Eli Beck will go to any lengths to bring Felix Jiri to justice, even if he must sacrifice his relationship with her to do it.


While Teagan’s life may have changed from the obscurity of a reclamation worker on Earth to that of royalty in the Parvac Empire, she soon discovers her notoriety places her in danger.
After a cunning plot orchestrated by Consul Dano, Teagan is manipulated into a political marriage in order to maintain peace. However, the marriage is to the son of Laconia’s other ruler, Consul Bosh, and Commander Quaid Bosh of the Hadrian infuriates Teagan.
Attempting to regain control of her life and avoid Commander Bosh becomes more challenging when the consuls extend an invitation to Princess Probus to visit the Laconian Sector. During the diplomatic tour, the lives of Teagan and her loved ones are placed in jeopardy when she is abducted by a small army of hybrid mercenaries with nefarious plans of their own.
As the hybrid mercenaries chase Teagan through the galaxies, the Parvac Empire and Galaxic Militia will have to work together to save her from the criminal mastermind controlling the hybrids.
When an alien species attacks the Talpa Sector, Teagan leads a fleet of warships across the vastness of space to rush to the aid of its peaceful inhabitants. However, being thrust into the center of an alien war is the least of her worries. A sinister presence from the past attempts to capitalize on the havoc created by the alien invasion to destroy the fragile peace between the Parvac Empire and the Galaxic Expanse. In a deadly game of subterfuge spanning the universes, Teagan and those who are loyal to her may have met their match.


Clue and The Shrine of the Widowed Bride

When Clue Forester leaves Eris Space Station behind to live on a distant Earth settlement on the planet Cassini, she discovers a new reality of troublesome mononoke, beautiful ocean spirits, and vengeful demons who attempt to use her for their own purposes.


However, a powerful Okami rules the city…
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They were created in a lab. Feared and reviled in both the Laconian Sector and in the Galaxic Expanse for their combined empathic and telepathic abilities, the Hybrids have found a home in the Parvac Empire. Having sworn allegiance to Princess Teagan of House Probus of Parvac, the former mercenaries become her personal guard. However, Teagan must struggle to survive her own failing heart, the manipulations of Parvac’s most prominent political leaders, and fighting among the Warrior Caste. Will the exceptional abilities of her Omnes Videntes be enough to save her?


Clue and The Sea Dragon

With the onset of winter, trouble arrives in Scorpius when cargo ships and their crews begin mysteriously vanishing. When Clue learns that among the missing is the boyfriend of her heartbroken new friend, she promises to help find him. However, Clue’s search embroils her in danger from gangsters, pirates, and sea monsters. Is Kiyohime behind the sunken…


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The Space Merchants 1

Teagan Green dreams of escaping the drudgery of Earth and traversing the stars. Will her dreams come true, or will events from her past destroy her?


As soon as Teagan Green turns eighteen, she leaves her painful childhood behind and travels as far as her credits will take her. In Union…


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Teagan Alaric Montgomery Lee has travelled through Galaxic space, married the man of her dreams, and gained the loving family she always has needed.
However, news of her father’s capture and execution by the Parvac Empire throws Teagan’s life into turmoil. Fearing her Parvac grandfather, General Valen, plans to abduct her, Teagan is desperate to avoid her grandmother’s fate. Never again to see Yukihyo or her family is a nightmare that forces Teagan from the stars to remain on Arachne.
Caught in a power struggle between the Galaxic Government and the Parvac Empire, Teagan’s fate hangs in the balance. Being protected by the Galaxic Militia, her family, and thousands of sentient Arachnean Silk spiders, may not be enough to prevent Teagan from losing everyone she loves.